To be the most cost-effective supplier for the Acetate Frame Manufacturer, by providing innovative colors, consistent quality and tailor-made solutions.



  Eleung is a premier manufacturer or Cellulose Acetate Sheets, specializing in the Optical Frame industry. With almost 20 years of local manufacturing experience, we are committed to support our customers, providing a constant flow of new products with fashionable color combinations and innovative structures.

   Our manufacturing process uses a comprehensive approach to ensure a consistency on the products we make, optimizing the production output and minimizing variation of quality parameters. We recognize that Product Life Cycles are shorter and shorter, so we have the flexibility to develop unique and exclusive products, according to your needs within a short development time.

  We are part of the LA/ES group, bringing 50 years of manufacturing experience as a support and a leading team in Research & Development of new products. In Asia Pacific, we are distributing the products from LA/ES and EMP, providing you with a broad product portfolio.